July 15, 2010

Trashy Videos Woo

We're starting a series here about recycled plastic products that you can find at Trashy Bags in Accra. They're brilliant. 

This is what CNN had to show about Trashy Bags (hint, click the link for brilliant images about the problem):

When British entrepreneur Stuart Gold saw Accra's plastic problem he recognized an opportunity for a business venture -- an NGO that could clean up the streets and create jobs in the community.
His idea was to collect discarded sachets, clean them up and stitch them together to make brightly colored, fashionable bags.
Two-and-a-half years later, Trashy Bags makes around 250 items a week and produces 350 different designs of bags, wallets and raincoats.

Aaaaand, watch Trashy Bags brilliant own video here. It's fantastic. Don't miss it!

For directions to Trashy Bags shop and showroom in Accra, click this link.


  1. That is really cool!!! Ghana does need a more effective waste management system...

  2. Hi Gifty,
    Thanks! They're doing a fantastic job and I encourage anyone coming to Ghana--and Ghanaians themselves!!--to visit Trashy Bags in Accra for a shot of inspiration, colour and great gifts. It's about 20 minutes outside the centre of town.


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