July 8, 2010

Devil in the Details

Hi All!

We apologise for not writing for the past week. So much has happened. Most sadly, "BaGhana BaGhana" dropped out of the World Cup. If you were anywhere in Africa you would have felt the energy of 1 billion people plunging into depression on Friday night.

I had a meeting on Saturday and all those who attended were quiet. Quiet, I should mention, is not a word I would ever use to describe most Ghanaians I have met. It was a strange day.

On the streets, however, it was all chatter about one thing: the hand of the devil--that's what they're calling that handball. I do concur with something I read online. If it were Rugby, a "try" would have been awarded if an opponent stopped a try with an illegal move. They'd also have the video ref. FIFA needs to get with the times. It's the 21st Century. Hands of God are one thing, hands of the devil are another. What if Uruguay had "cheated" their way, handball blocking style, all the way to the final? What stops anyone from doing that, particularly if they're willing to sacrifice a player at the last minute?

While Spain were in my finals pick, I wish the other red and gold and black (and green) were up there. They could have been. We're all proud, anyway.

Gotta love Ghana. The reception at Independence Square yesterday included a dancing competition on stage in which all players had to give their best grooves. Not bad! Only in Ghana!

Finally, thank you to all those who purchased our Ghana guides recently! We appreciate it.

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